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Filipino Gangs

Filipino Gangs

Filipino Gangs are present in the Philippine Islands and Internationally, most of these are located in the United States of America (California primarily). There is a very large number of Filipino street gangs in the Philippines and United States, Organised crime is also known to exist between a number of gangs.


In general, their are gangs located in the Philippines that deal in organised crime, and follow a general hierarchy. These gangs can be linked to certain families or barkadas (groups). A number of gangs are known to deal in illegal narcotics, some known criminal activities include home invasion, kidnapping and torture, extortion, arson, grand theft auto, robberies, sale of illegal narcotics, battery assault, shootings and numerous known & unknown homicides. Some gangs are so largely spread out among the island nation, that it is hard to keep track of the various branch's, this is evident in one of the largest and most infamous gangs among the Philippine Islands, known as the "SSC" gang also known as the "Sigue-Sigue Comando".
Filipino gangs are also known to be located in parts of Europe and Asia, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and primarily in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.


A number of gangs in the Philippines are known to be active around the nation, the majority being centered in Manila, with locations in and around the general Metro Manila region.
One of the most infamous areas in the City is Tondo, Manila. Tondo is known to be the "Hub" of Gangs in the region, with the majority of street gangs being located in this district.
Apart from a very large number of local street gangs, there are a number of organized gangs among the Philippines.

True Brown Style 13

True Brown Style 13 "Vera Indio Istilo at Trese" (TBS 13) is one of The most famous & largest street gangs in the Philippines because of its crime related activities throughout the country. Murder, homicide, illegal drug trade, and home invasions is their primary criminal activities. The TBS 13 gang originated from San Diego, California, USA. Filipina-mexicanas deportees brought the gangs name and formed a clique in the Philippines. The clique which started in the Philippines was exclusively for females. But as the gang grew, the former female members accepted male members to join the gang, and those members made the gang infamous in the Philippines. True Brown Style 13 is the most popular Gang in the Philippines. Their colors are Red,Blue & Black their Sets are either Blood or Crip. Other True Brown Style 13 Hoods are connected with Bloods & Crips in the USA.

Filipino Mafia

The Kuratong Baleleng was an organized crime syndicate that once was an anti-communist vigilante group. They were known nationwide due to their end in an alleged shootout with the Police on May 1995 in Quezon City.

For most Filipinos, the Kuratong Baleleng is that notorious group of bank robbers that met a bloody end in a supposed shootout with the police one May morning in 1995 in Quezon City. But down in Ozamiz City, in northwestern Mindanao, Kuratong is said to be well-loved — and well-connected, even if no one denies that it is a criminal syndicate.

Armed with assorted type of high powered firearms and operates in the cities of Ozamis,Cagayan De Oro, Pagadian and Dipolog, and other neighboring cities and municipalities in Mindanao (in southern Philippines), Cebu in Visayas (in Central Philippines), and Metro Manila in Luzon (in northern Philippines). The group is engaged in robbery/hold-up, carnapping, illegal drugs trafficking, smuggling of rice and sugar, Human smuggling, Gun Running, Extortion, Loan sharking, prostitution, illigal gambling, murder for hire, Protection rackets from Politicians,Businessmen and Drug dealers.

The members of the group are on the "BISAYA" speaking christians, no accurate estimation of the groups number since it has never been infiltrated and fear has become Kuratong Baleleng's most effective weapon.The Kuratong baleleng is the most well organized crime gang in the Philippines, it was rumored that some criminal gangs such as Abu sayyaf got killed without any permission to operate from the Kuratong Baleleng Bosses. "They have no qualms in killing perceived enemies," says a local journalist who asked not to be named. "They are untouchables." This perception is fueled by the fact that authorities refuse to even investigate criminal activities allegedly perpetrated by the group. The gang also has business ties with other ASIAN gangs such as Japanese YAKUZA and The Chinese Triads and the Russian Mafia. The Kuratong baleleng is also known for supplying rebels such as the NPA and Abu sayyaf groups.It was also rumored that the organization has gone International, and not online in the Philippines but, also some neighboring parts of the nation such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, singapore and even Saudi Arabia and Middle east.

Joining this gang is not easy since this is a highly organized crime syndicate and most members are Family associated by blood. The gang organization are consist of BOSSES these bosses are known as "PAPA" manong or Ninong the Head Boss or the father of the Family or Clan which comprise of the underboss the second in command. The Next are the "KUYA or MANOY" Big brother or the CAPTAIN. Each Captains consists of Soldiers or "Sondalo" these sondalo are the one's who always do the dirty works for the BOSSES. The Gang is hard to infiltrate and for that matter has never ever been infiltrated since the gang has bigtime protection such as former Generals ,Former mayors and former military people.

Akyat Bahay Gang

The Akyat Bahay Gang is known as a violent home invasion-oriented gang which also has a history with drug dealing.

Bahala Na Gang

The Bahala Na Gang ("Come What May") is one of the most notorious of Filipino Gangs, they were established among inmates in the notorious jails of the Philippines in the early 1940s and eventually spread its operations throughout the globe. The gang is known to have chapters in North and Latin America as well as Europe alongside their Philippine presence. A tattoo of a Question Mark (?) located on any part of the body is a mark of the infamous Filipino gang. The Bahala Gang, despite rumours that the gang is "dying" out, mainly due to the majority of its leaders being in jail, still has a presence in the Philippines and primarily in the United States.

Sigue Sigue Comando Gang

The Sigue Sigue Comando Gang is one of the largest Gangs in the Philippines. The Gang has thousands of members spread around the Philippine Islands, the gang is involved with home invasion, kidnapping and torture, extortion, arson, auto theft, robberies, sales of illegal narcotics, battery assault, shootings and numerous known & unknown homicides.
Sputnik Prison Gang-a prison gang
Batang Cityjail-a prison gang

Bacolod Underground Crips

Bacolod Underground Crips 13 (BUC13) is a type of gang that has been known for its number of vandals in the city of Bacolod, Negros Occidental. The gang is involved with shootings and mostly vandalism. The gang is widely spread in the city of Bacolod and is not involved with other gang wars except their own. The gang is said to have connected with True Brown Style 13 and other Crip gangs in Bacolod City.

Watch Dogg Committee

Watch Dogg Committee (WDC) is an underground type of gang wherein people, especially the poor and the oppressed and other members of the community, unite to liberate themselves from all forms of enslavement,violence and corruption, abusive use of power or authority, and create a condition in which there are no oppressors and oppressed. This gang is more on "activism", somewhat peaceful, but sometimes uses violence to get what they want such as to maintain order in their territory or to teach an enemy a lesson. It is widely existing in Mindanao and Visayas.

United States

Filipino Gangs in the United States are largely focused in and around the Southern California region (SoCal) and generally the entire West Coast region. Due to their hispanic culture they are more assimilated with other Latino gangs. There are thousands of Filipino gang members which mostly center around the California region, Chicago, New York, and Miami. They represent a diversre array of backgrounds and affiliations with some being with the Bloods, Crips, Sureños, Norteños, Peoples, and Folks.
There are a number of Filipino Gangs located on the west coast, below is a list of Major Filipino Gangs in the region.

Temple Street 13 Gang

The Temple Street Varrio over time has expanded outside its original territory and has established itself in the far corners of the L.A country, Northern Califas and in Las Vegas, Nevada, Salt Lake City, Utah, Pennysylvania, Washington and Oregon. And in addition to having established grounds on the west side of L.A TST has heads representing their Varrio in South Central, San Fernando Valley, Palmdale, Lancaster, Antelope Valley, Cerritos, Glendale, Long Beach, Pomona and Oakland. TST has even branched out Internationally, having presence in cities in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Mexico, El Salvador and the TST is well represented across the sea in the Philippines with the Pinoy Locos Clique which formed from the Temple Street Varrio.

The TST Pinoy Locos 13 Clique was originally started out in the Early 1980s and became one of the most notorious gangs in the Philippines, it also started out in the homegrounds of west central L.A but eventually with the deportation of many of the Filipino gang members of the Clique back to the Philippine Islands, the Clique became larger than ever back in the Philippines alongside the United States and its linked TST Cliques.

B Down Boys

The B Down Boys are a Filipino gang from the San Diego area.

Bahala Na Barkada

Bahala Na Barkada is a Filipino gang from the San Diego area.

Bahala Na Gang

The Bahala Na Gang ("Come What May"), also known by its abbreviation BNG , is one of the most notorious of Filipino Gangs, they were established among inmates in the notorious jails of the Philippines in the early 1940s and eventually spread its operations throughout the globe. The gang is known to have chapters in North and Latin America as well as Europe alongside their Philippine presence. A tattoo of a Question Mark (?) located on any part of the body is a mark of the infamous Filipino gang.
The BNG have a large influence primarily focused around the Los Angeles area and Bay area.
According to last reports, they are located in the following Los Angeles areas:

Los Angeles, West Covina, Glendale, Hawthorne, Montebello, Pomona, Cerritos and Carson


The Filipino Stoners, also known as TFS, is one of the most notorious of Filipino Gangs in northern california. Established by filipinos of the mid 1940's who were sick of the racism they dealt with. The gang is known to have gang members all over California and some in the Philippines

Watch Dogg Committee

Watch Dogg Committee (WDC) is a Filipino-African-American secret brotherhood. This group was first formed in Crown Heights, New York, U.S.A. in 1985 as a protection group against oppressive gangs. 1995, Watch Dogg became a gang when most of its members affiliated with the Bloods. 1996, Watch Dogg reached Los Angeles and became an inter-gang (with members from different gangs and groups such as Flipside 13, Tau Gamma Pinoy, Tropang Hudas, etc.). The word "Committee" was added to emphasize that the group is a mixture of different members from different gangs. It reached the Philippines in the year 1997. Though it is believed that the group disbanded in U.S. in the year 1996, there are still members in Crown Heights, New York and San Francisco Valley, Los Angeles. Members are widely present in the Philippines particularly in Dipolog City, Katipunan Zamboanga del Norte, Dumaguete City, Bayawan City, Bukidnon, General Santos City, and etc.

Hellside Gang

The Hellside Gang (HSG) is a Filipino street gang located on the West coast of the United States. The gang's turf is known to be at Gardena, Alhambra and Baldwin Park.

Insane Diego Mob
The Insane Diego mob is a Filipino gang from San Diego. The gang is known to be located on the South Side of San Diego.


JEFROX (JFX) was founded in 1979, is a Filipino Street Gang, with locations in Los Angeles (Maplewood) and Valleyside (Panorama, San Fernando, North Hills, Mission Hills and Northridge).[7] Spoiled Brotherz also known as Spoiled Bratz (SBZ) originally 13 heads from Los Angeles, is the ruthless, 2nd to the last click of the gang and was active in the valley around 1998-2005. Multiplied from Los Angeles to The ValleySide. Spoiled Brotherz became the number one click in their generation passing other clicks from the 90's, and highly respected in Los Angeles and The ValleySide. Because of numerous attempted murder, battery and drive bys. Their main rival was Van Nuys Asian Boyz (ABZ) and Mara Salvatruchas (MS). Recent incedent was the shootout on Panorama Sea Food City and the Kennedy High drive by attempted murder. The youngest click and that are still active until now are called No Mercy Pinoy (NMP) Valleyside. This click was originated from Spoiled Brotherz Click (SBZ).

Mabuhay Pinoy Trece

The Mabuhay Pinoy Trece (MP13) is a Filipino gang with locations in Eagle Rock, Walnut, Highland Park and parts of Los Angeles.

Pinoy Real Gang

The Pinoy Real Gang (PR), pronounced Pinoy Re-al street gang was founded in the early 1980s in Atwater Village, California. Located 9 miles Northeast of Downtown L.A. Pinoy is a Filipino slang name for a Filipino male. Real used in a Spanish term, pronounced Re-al which means Royal or King. The gang name is abbreviated to PR or PRG (G meaning Gang).
Pinoy Real Gang has known established sets and cliques throughout Southern California and Las Vegas and the Philippines. Active sets includes: Atwater Village, Granada Hills, Norwalk, West Covina, Hawthorne, Rancho Cucamonga, Pasadena, Las Vegas, Culver City, Cerritos, Chino Hills, Anaheim and Rowland Heights.[8]
The gang has been associated with recent gang turfwars and crimes, most recent was an icedent involving the Jefrox (JFX) gang, where a person was tortured and beaten by some PRG members.

Real Pinoy Brothers

The Real Pinoy Brothers (or Real Pinoy Brotherhood, RPB)formed in San Francisco in the mid 80s. Daly City 2nd generation were led by Uno and Dos. RPB are located in Palmdale, Carson and the San Fernando Valley and also Northern California such as in cities of San Francisco, Daly City, San Jose, Milpitas, Fremont as well as Las Vegas,NV (Inactive).Las Vegas founders were Temper and Droopy.Temper was from the Bay Area,Droopy was from the Los Angeles Area.RPB was most notorious for violence whihc included kidnapping,extorsion,robberies,car theft and attempted murder.


The Satanas (STS) is a large Filino Gang with a lot of locations spread out in the US west coast, places in Los Angeles such as West and South Barrio Rampart, East and South Barrio Long Beach, Lakewood, Palmdale, Cerritos, Barrio South Oxnard, Santa Ana, North and South Valleyside, Barrio Norwalk, West Covina and La Puente. The Satanas also have a presence in the San Diego Region of the US west coast.
The Satanas also have links with the TST (Varrio Temple Street), as this is the clique the Satanas originated from.
Tres Cantos
The Tres Cantos (TCS) , is a gang that originated in Eaglerock, and also has cliques in Los Angeles.

Tropang Hudas

The Tropang Hudas are known to be around Baldwin Park, Eagle Rock and Glendale.
Unique Boys

The Unique Boys are a Filipino gang from San Diego. The gang is known to be located on the South Side of San Diego.


Filipino Gangs in Canada are present, probably due to the large numbers of Filipino's living in Canada. The TST temple Street Varrios (Of which the Pinoy Locos 13 is also linked to) has also a significant influence in Canada among other places.
Most recently a number of Vietnamese and Filipino gangs where involved in a turf war, with a number of Bashings, a Drive By and 8 recorded stabbings. The fights have involved a variety of bladed weapons. The groups commonly favour machetes, swords and illegal switchblades and butterfly knives, police said


Anonymous said...

pinoy is actually a tagalog term, not slang.

Anonymous said...


sbz 1998-2005 was the most notorious clique in jfx?


jfx died out in the mid 90's.

in the mid 90's valleyside jefrox was down to a couple of korean and pinoy guys with 6-7 white boys and armenians.

i grew up in the san fernando valley.

for like a good 10 years from the early 90's to early 2000's you never heard anything about jfx in the valley.

then in the 2000's they jumped in a few guys and they did a couple of shootings but i don't think anyone even got hit. now they're dead again i think.

the downest jfx click was the maplewood guys probably in the early 90's.

Anonymous said...

by the way alhambra hell side is not a filipino gang.

hell side in alhambra was vietnamese and chinese.

they died out in the late 90's too.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned that "Droopy" was the guy that started RPB out in Las Vegas. Well, you are most likely right. I actually knew Droopy. He was my friend from middle school. We both went to Ernest Lawrence Middle School back in 1992-93 and then in the fall of 1993 we started the 9th grade at Chatsworth High School. Droopy's real name was Edward Tan. After we finished the 9th grade Droopy moved to Vegas & I never saw him ever again. From what I can remember his dad had a gambling problem and that was probabaly why they moved to Vegas. Droopy was nice guy though. Recently I tried looking for him on Facebook but can't seem to find him anywhere. I wonder if he is still alive and what ever became of him. I just want to reconnect with the guy. If you have his info shoot me an email at


Anonymous said...

The RPB of the late 80's and early 90's were really no more than a bunch of guys that hung together and caused a great deal of trouble for their rival gangs the Vigilante. I was a member of the RPB second generation at one point. The gang was split for a time under the twin leaders Uno and Dos. Some were prone to be very violent and many joined to be popular within the teenage community at the time. Some were rapists, a few were convicted of murder, and some for assault and battery, car theft and other serious crimes. The gang has since died out in the San Francisco bay area, but has still has members within the new generation. At one point RPB wanted to be known as one of the more notorious gangs, but did not truly achieve this status. I will not discount the fact that there are a number of so called "hardcore" members, but by in large many of the RPB members were mere hangers on.

Anonymous said...

rpb is also also in vancouver and are one of our larger filipino gangs they are quite violent and do disturb some serious shit i have many friends who are part of it and are the new generation

Anonymous said...


walter said...

i've been a member of jefrox since 1987. and i'm not active anymore. i just wan't to find out if most of my brothers are still around. jfx never died out in my opinion. to all my homeboys that are living may you strive in the right direction and let not your own understanding be your down fall. let a power greater than your self be the guiding force of your life.. laki sa layaw forever.. wally's blues. aka. dxmas

Anonymous said...

The Gang Tropang Hudas (THS) started in LA back in 1986. Also know as Small but Terrible. A quiet little gang that caused BIG trouble to those that gave them problems.

Anonymous said...

@The 1st comment; "Pinoy" is a SLANG tagalog term.

And I lived in the Maplewood area as a kid and I would hear things about Jefrox between the mid and late 90's and even a bit into the 2000's. These days, I rarely hear any talk about them.

Anonymous said...

MP13 (Mabuhay Pinoy Trece) straight out DIED! Them wannabe mesicans pussy'd out and dropped out of sight.
Fuck all the pussy ass pinoy ganstas wannabe mesicans.
Fuck: MP13, FS13, TST13, PR13 and all the other baklang pinoys. It's all about being TRUE... A TRUE FILIPINO! That's ME bitches! Alfredo Lacandaso

Anonymous said...

nice writeup/blog but there are way more filipino gangs in the bay area than that. i know for a fact there are (or used to be) filipino gangs in san francisco/south city, daly city, san jose/milpitas, vallejo, hercules, richmond, pittsburg, etc.

BRISK said...

the first Generation of Jefrox was the craziest this was around late to early 90's Batang LA I think was the first clique then Maplewood they were pretty crazy but around that time all Asian gangs started dying out with the exception of ABZ. MAplewood went thru a breif resurgence but thier head at the time Greedy got smoked on his porch by a 12 year old girl from MS13. I guess they were going at it and Greedy was the downest fool from Jefrox and the only one recruiting and keeping it going. after he got dumped on it was done with.

Anonymous said...

Well this page takes me back.. I remember those guys, even Pinoy Real(PR) I lived in Eagle Rock from 1983 to 1996 and MP13 (Mabuhay Pinoy 13) was all over that place. The bowling alley off of Eagle Rock Blvd was their hang out. I remember those guys would rumble against Glassell Park Gang (GPLS) and Avenues (Aves) on Yosemite after school. If you've never heard of MP13 in eagle rock then you were probably in the shadows man. I also remember Satanas (STS) being in that area during the 83-86 era, more so in Highland Park, MP also. Mayberry Crazys Gang (CYS) from the Echo Park area would always come down to fight against The Mabuhays.. I knew people from both gangs. Those guys are probably in their 50s by now, hardcore drinkers and fighters.. This takes me back to my good old days, stand up guys. THS (Tropang Hudas)was also in Eagle Rock & FS13 (Flipside 13) but Eagle Rock was known as MP13 territory. From what I remember all of them got a long at one point but broke off later on due to personal disputes. Saigon Town was a small but pretty stable gang was in the area also, more in Highland Park/Chinatown area but i dont know what happened to then after 87.. After i did my 4 years in the military everything changed in that area, when i came back most the Mabuhays were of Hispanic backgrounds, they had Hispanics in the 80's but only a few but when the 90s came it was more recognized as a "Latino Gang" and fell off the 'Filipino Gang Radar' and just went off to fight Latino gangs in the neighboring area. One gang i remember who stood side by side with The Mabuhays were Rockwood Street Locos (RSL).. I think this was one of the major causes of MP fighting CYS and TRS (The Rascals) i could be wrong but idk. Sell outs or not those guys deserve respect. The older Satanas in the area just fell off in to drugs or moved to other locations. Before i left the area i remember a rising number of a new generation of Satanas coming from Eagle Rock high. I left after that and moved to Maryland. I heard that area is clean now.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how I happen to run into this page. An I gotta say, DAMN! Most of this shit or let me rephrase that..."ALL" of this shit on here Is a crock of shit!
For those on the Internet trying to be know for any reason by trying to put shit on here that you yourself don't know. Pls do you're homework and know you're history on the pinoy gangsters! Because you guys make REAL OLD SCHOOL PINOY GANGSTER'S LOOK BAD!

I know you fools never put in work either. Know yourself before you start talking....That's why you guys are on here trying to claim other gangsters fame. Knowing damn well you weren't shit!

818nga said...

I grew up in the San Fernando valley from the early 90s to the early 2000s. In the early 90s when gangbangin was popular, Filipinos were everywhere bangin. Not the most hardcore of the Asian gangsters, but definitely had the most numbers in the valley. (Most hardcore would be ABS, now ABZ, which started with all type of Asians, including Filipinos). STS tried to resurrect some shyt in the valley during late 90s but were dealt with real quick despite having numbers. When it wasn't "popular" anymore to bang, around 2000, the shyt died out quick with Filipino gangs. They moved on to the more "popular" things like raving (at that time), and now all the youngsters just wearin skinny jeans. Bangin for Flip gangs, as with most Asian gangs, is all done with. The 90s were the heyday. Asians have come up in society and recruiting is all done with except for a few SE Asiang gangs.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What about AKP, Vigilante, CFB, CBA, YPB, OPP, and JFA

Anonymous said...

to the guy from eagle rock,

mp13 was pretty well known in the eagle rock/northeast l.a. area for a while but they died out a long time ago.

they had numbers for a bit and even had a lot of mexican members joining it.

they died out around the same time all the filipino gangs in l.a. died out in the 90's.

a few of their mexican members ended up joining highland park 13 iirc.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you that the original jfx and the maplewood jfx from l.a. was the downest of the jfx cliques.

i don't know why they even mentioned the 2000's valley jfx. they didn't do much and i grew up in the valley.

Anonymous said...












Anonymous said...

Fuck bahala na bitches and shit stains, AIB AKP BDOWN BNG shut them niggaz down, they on quiet time right now

Anonymous said...

It's all about doing Business now a dayz. тяσραηg нυ∂αѕ here and it ain't about bangin or any bullshit anymore. It was Fun back then but now it's a new episode and it's time to chill. тнѕ 4Life!

Anonymous said...

Filipino gangs in San Francisco and Daly City are pretty much gone.

Most of who is left are in the Water World (drug world) smoking Shabu (Methamphetamine) until whatever.

Most will never get out.

Anonymous said...

Another gang located in Eagle Rock was Tres Cantos.

Anonymous said...

TCi Clic Clic bang bang TRiBE GANG!

Anonymous said...

I remember those guys from RPB in the valley. They always use to represent their shit. Slim and Droopy were one of the downest ones from there. They put down a lot of work in the 818. Man I miss those days, hanging out, drinking 40's with those fools and fucking a shit load of bitches just because I hung out with them. Memories

Anonymous said...

Slim was killed. His name was Andre Sales. He had a younger brother named Christian who was my classmate at Lawrence Middle School. DROOPY was also my friend. He is still alive and is now a family man. Droopy lives in Vegas.

Anonymous said...

Vigilante Boyz in Daly City 80s 90s

Anonymous said...

Yup I went to eagle rock high I remember mp 13

Anonymous said...

everybody thinks uno and dos started rpb but what they didnt know is that the real founder is andrew santos from wilson high with his crew dio,jo,dennis and ryan before they recruited uno and dos they tried recruiting jefferson boyz first thats troy,ranny, archie,brando and most of the peeps who started vigilante boyz from jefferson highschool but the jeff boyz doesnt want to wear red coz they wuz blue ragin already so they started their own vigilante boyz in 1987 first generation..vboyz first gen didnt last that long when most of them went to CYA and prison after the vallejo bowling alley shooting incident all 16 vigilante boyz went to prison and thats when 2nd gen started and archie amador one of the first gen stated his own vigilante boyz vallejo chapter

Anonymous said...

I heard of Vallejo CA. There was a lot of gangs out there in the late 80's. By 90 so many gangs sprung out of that little city.

The Truth said...

Yea back in the days I remember MP13 I'm from eagle rock. STS satanas veterans actually started the gang if I do recall.

Anonymous said...

Bahama na barkada is u bunch of rats!!!! Ask your homeboy spanky!!! He is a straight rat! Sat on the stand an pointed the finger an everything!! Bnb is all pussys!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

how the fuck is a fob gang like akp going to shut down BNB and SSI when bend down boys don't even consider akp to be family?

shitstains is a diss name for satanas, not SSI you dumbass fob

yall bng and akp fobs disappeared after SSI started blasting you foos in the mid 2000s.

don't be mad and don't try to change the subject because you know this is the truth:

all those eastside family sets had to clique just to beef against Bahala Na Barkada and they still couldn't fade them BNBs.
all those eastside family sets had to clique just to beef against Bahala Na Barkada and they still couldn't fade them BNBs.
all those eastside family sets had to clique just to beef against Bahala Na Barkada and they still couldn't fade them BNBs.
all those eastside family sets had to clique just to beef against Bahala Na Barkada and they still couldn't fade them BNBs.
all those eastside family sets had to clique just to beef against Bahala Na Barkada and they still couldn't fade them BNBs.
all those eastside family sets had to clique just to beef against Bahala Na Barkada and they still couldn't fade them BNBs.
all those eastside family sets had to clique just to beef against Bahala Na Barkada and they still couldn't fade them BNBs.
all those eastside family sets had to clique just to beef against Bahala Na Barkada and they still couldn't fade them BNBs.

Anonymous said...

i was bangin all over bay area california since 1987 i am the hitman in our click and from all my gang bangin experience back on the streets these are the names of pinoy gang members from the bay area that you gotta watch out for or should i say the ones who really put alot of work to their gangs..these are the names that first pops up to my mind everytime i hear their gang names believe me these guys were savage back in the days coz i already banged with them ones and thank god they didnt kill me so all that comments gang stories these are the real deal from the bay area most notorious gang members..bow down to these triple OG's starting from RPB(andrew santos,dio,joe,dennis,ryan,uno&dos,nick lopez,oliver) AKHRO(cho,gamit brothers,eric cheng) S.I(jimmy&alvin,biernes,munti) VIGILANTE BOYZ(archie amador,alvin mallari, allan mallari,julius long hair,jing,bert,leo,brando,duke,miami,topak) TNP(ruther,art) BPI(turo,danny,ulo,beemer,tonio) batang trece(lito,kirk,karen,breakfast,nixon,morales bro) VTP(mike) TNP(mike,dennis) flipside(ray) sorry guys if i didnt mention your names its either you were too young fuckin with us or youre a pussy everytime theres a gang bangin rumble if you aint knowin none of these peepz then youre a pussycat wannabe's..anywayz BOW DOWN TO ALL THESE MOTHAFUCKAZ BECAUSE I ALSO DID TIME WITH MOST OF THEM IN SAN QUENTIN STATE PRISON MUCH LUV HOMIEZ!! STAY UP!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, came across this site and it brought back memories. Female here, successful mom of two now, but was STS, living in the wrong hood (WesCo) which was all PR. Also had an ex-boyfriend from SZA (Sarzana...remember that Cerritos/Norwalk gang?). There was an STS click in nearby La Puente (my set), started from Long Beach STS and Balboa Boys. Remember when Oliver from THS murdered this one guy from one of the newer Filipino gangs in the 90's...I forgot the name, but it was small/new. The guy murdered was the founder and Oliver came to his family home and killed him there. Do you remember the name of the victim/gang?

Active gangs during "my time": PR, BNG, THS, STS, JFX, HS13, BBS, DMS, SZA...

Seems like in the 80's, pinoy gangsters had their own style...pompadors, tails, b&w clothes, kung fu shoes, espadrilles, ...then into the 90s, everyone started looking like cholos and cholas and talking like eses.

Anonymous said...

theres a bunch of gangsters in the bay area but theres only a few real mothafuckers you gotta watch out on the streets..these are the mothafuckers who put some real work on the streets and done serving their time in prison..BIERNES,MELCHOR,RUTHER,FLORO,ARCHIE,JULIUS,JING,MIKE,ALLAN,DUKE,NICK

Anonymous said...

LIM brothas were crazy mothafuckas RPB

Hsg said...

To the Wes cov female, Oliver(ths)took out Lee John Francisco from MD.
Fr: BP.Hellside Gang

Anonymous said...

much love and respect to all my RPB from the Bay to Baygas, we never died out just got older and smarter. regardless what direction we went we are still family.

Real Pinoy Brothers
Young Pinoys Brothers

shout out to the TNP brothers

sooowhoop! !

Unknown said...

Miss those days when I rushed rejects on sight. THS GANGSTER

Retired Tropang Hudas G said...

Miss those days when I rushed rejects on sight. THS GANGSTER

745 all day eryday said...

Bolen Parque Tropang Hudas Gang!

Sup to all the homies stay up G's

Anonymous said...

Eastside Family (BDB, AIB, EGP, KDK, KLB, BNG) are all bunch of lady boy faggots that suck black Skyline Piru dick. There are no black Crips in Southeast San Diego so BNBs don't suck black dick unlike them Eastside Family lady boy faggots that are all over black Skyline Piru nuts. And BNBs aren't wannabe X3 beaners. BNBs are the only Filipino crips in the entire world. BNBs are the most dominant and well-known Filipino gang in Southeast San Diego (Paradise Hills, North Bay Terraces, South Bay Terraces, Alta Vista, northeast National City). BNBs are more respected than them Eastside Family lady boy faggots.

Sza said...

Md was the gang. In diamond bar. Lee John was the cat from md. Who were u with from sza? I'm from sza

Benoit Lecourtier said...



Anonymous said...

This mothafuckers turned their lives around,devoted family men. They're out from the City and making a humble beginnings. As what they say "Those are the days". Pat in the back proud of who you are now.

Anonymous said...

Much love to the homies of Valleyside RPB. Early 90's was where it was at. Hope you guys are doing well these days and not fucking around and banging. 818 RPB!!!

Unknown said...

Hahaha When I remember my days in the street, I realized that I waste so much of time. I'm thankful that i visited my granny's here in the phil and gave me so many reasons to change.

Anonymous said...

1 member from STS and a few members from THS lived in our apt building. Back in '92 the homie Boomer recently joined Baldwin Park THS and asked me to join. I met Hopper, and Pirate, and already knew Lil Man, Dizzy & Lokey from school. Boomer and Lokey were my road dawgz. Boomer was a FOB when I met him but quickly transformed into an all out SGV gangbanger. Lokey the was the type that would give a homie a beat down just to teach him a lesson. About 2 weeks later Lokey and some other homeboyz from BP THS joined LP STS.
Sometimes we would run into West Co Boyz and BNG but they always ranked out. We even had couple fools from BNG fork up some cash at the Puente hills mall. In '94 I thought the scene was slowly starting to die out.

Anonymous said...

Pinoy Boyz!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who are you and where you at cuhZ?

Anonymous said...

Who are you and where you at cuhZ ?

Anonymous said...

Yeadat! Barkada gang 9th gen.